Review: My Week With Marilyn

Every so often you hear whisperings from various places that there’s going to be a film about someone so extraordinarily huge that the first thing you think is.. ‘who on earth is going to play them?’ Enter Michelle Williams, playing Marilyn Monroe in Simon Curtis’ feature film debut My Week With Marilyn. Now I’ll be the first to admit that when I first heard of the project, I assumed it was going to be some very, very naff sort-of biopic that was going to enrage Marilyn lovers all over the globe, and I’m pleased to say that it wasn’t that bad.

Now obviously that’s not the most flattering thing that any one is going to say about a film, but it’s got to be said that the film does have a gentle sort of charm. Williams gives an impressive performance as Marilyn, all airy and naively sexy, but also tragic and melancholy at times. Kenneth Branagh plays an excellent Olivier and Eddie Redmayne is an absolutely adorable Colin Clark- in fact, on reflection it’s fair to say that the cast is basically faultless.

But the film does lack a certain…. je ne sais quoi. We have to remember that we watching a story concerning one of the most iconic figures in cinema history. Surely we should come away feeling elated, heartbroken, uplifted etc. etc? But the film fails to deliver that magic element that makes a film stick in your mind afterwards. Yes, the film was nice– it was pleasant, but then again so was the turkey baguette I had for lunch… probably not going to remember it for the rest of my life though.

Having said that, does every single film that you go an watch in the cinema have to be some amazing, life-changing experience?.. not really, but it helps if they are. It would be fair to say that the film could’ve been a lot worse- I’m not sure that many would come out of the film feeling ripped off or angry, and I suppose I would recommend it to a friend who had not much else to do. I am desparately trying not to use the word ‘mediocre’ but… yeah.


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